Natural Burials and Green Funerals Battle

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Natural Burials and Green Funerals Battle

Nowadays there are so many options when it comes to planning a natural burial and green funeral. This can be a beneficial alternative to a traditional ceremony, for both the environment and the individuals wanting to reconnect with nature in the afterlife.


What happens at a Natural Burial?

A green funeral is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial ceremonies. The person will be returned to the earth within a natural burial site, without the need for embalming fluid or a conventional coffin.

The deceased will be closer to nature, set amongst native trees, birds, and flowers. Only biodegradable coffins are allowed at the woodland burial grounds in Battle. The cardboard coffins we use are made from a minimum of 70% recycled paper and wood pulp, sourced from sustainable woodlands. Alternatively, we can supply eco-friendly coffins made from Willow, Bamboo or Pandan.

Woodland Burial in Battle, East Sussex

If you are looking to arrange a woodland funeral in Battle, you have the option to bury your loved one in the Natural Burial Area at Hastings Borough Cemetery.

There is a dedicated natural burial ground for green funerals in Battle, which is surrounded by historic woodland, famous for this region of East Sussex. These green burial grounds are not mapped out in the conventional sense, with graves marked by headstones. Instead, the burial site will be allowed to settle and the grave will subsequently be sown with wildflower seeds and grasses. The layout of the woodland burial site will be accurately logged and there are options to include bordering plots for future family members and double-depth excavations.

Not only are natural burials better for the environment but they are also a more cost-effective option for funerals. The price of an eco-friendly cardboard coffin is set at a moderate £187. You are also not required to obtain the burial rights for the plot (usually £453), and these can instead be held by the Cemetery Authorities.

Green Funerals in Battle, East Sussex

Towners are proud founding members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors and are committed to abiding by the Association’s Code of Practice. We are very happy to assist with any requests that you may have as part of your green funeral plans.

We would be glad to discuss any element of arranging an eco-burial at a woodland funeral ground in the region of Battle in East Sussex.

If you would like to talk through your requirements or get some further information, please feel welcome to contact us by calling 01424 436 386 or emailing us at Alternatively, you can complete a contact request form in the footer below. One of our knowledgeable and considerate staff team will be available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

What makes a good funeral?

Of all the decisions you have to make about the funeral, one of the most important for the success of the ceremony is 'who is going to conduct the service?' If you are, or the person who has died was, a member of a particular church family or faith group the decision will be easy - you will invite your own minister, priest, rabbi, imam etc.