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Traditional Funerals Battle

When making funeral arrangements in Battle, there’s a wide variety of funeral options available. As a family-owned, trusted local funeral directors, we appreciate that many families choose a traditional funeral to say goodbye to a loved one.

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What is a Traditional Funeral?

Whilst there will be some differences in people’s idea of a traditional church funeral in Battle, when referring to a traditional funeral, there are some characteristics that are common for English funeral arrangements.

Usually a traditional funeral involves a ceremony with the coffin present and a service lead by a priest, minister or secular officiant. Traditionally a hearse is used to convey the coffin and the family arrive in a limousine. As a sign of love, many families like to decorate the coffin with flowers, and a graveside service is often held for church funerals. Traditional funerals usually include a wake or reception after the funeral where everyone has a chance to reminisce and ‘raise a glass’ to the deceased.

When it comes to making a traditional funeral arrangements, this is what the English have overwhelmingly chosen. Today there are many alternative funeral services and options available.

Battle Local Funerals

Naturally the majority of traditional funerals are local funerals taking place in a local church, cemetery or crematorium chapel of the village or town. This not only provides comfort to family members, that the deceased is close by to where they may have lived, it also makes it easier for people attending a funeral in the Battle and Ninfield area.

Graveside Service

A local graveside service in a church or cemetery is often chosen as part of a traditional funeral. This can sometimes be limited to family members only however if you are holding a graveside service after a traditional funeral, you may wish to invite everyone who attended or alternatively let people know that you'd like to keep the service private and invite them at the wake.

Crematorium Service

Many traditional funerals will be held at a local crematorium, this may be for the full cremation service, or another venue such as a place of worship before moving onto the crematorium. A cremation service is much like a church funeral in that the order of service can be personalised by the family or can follow a religious ritual.

Unique Funerals in Battle

At Towners Funeral Directors, we believe that every funeral we provide is unique, we don’t just offer a black and white choice between alternative and traditional funerals in Battle. We always aim to accommodate any requests and an include elements of both traditional and alternative funerals so that the wishes of the deceased or family members are met.

If a traditional funeral is the wishes of your loved one or the choice of the family, get in touch on 01424 775 515, email Towners in Battle here or complete the contact form below to talk through the funeral arrangements and requirements you would like.

What makes a good funeral?

Of all the decisions you have to make about the funeral, one of the most important for the success of the ceremony is 'who is going to conduct the service?' If you are, or the person who has died was, a member of a particular church family or faith group the decision will be easy - you will invite your own minister, priest, rabbi, imam etc.

What to do when someone dies


Registering a death

One of the first duties that arises after a death is for someone to visit the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages covering the district where the death occurred to record the death in the official Register.

Informing Others

When somebody dies there are a lot of people and organisations who should be informed of the death.  

Dealing with Bereavement

The following helpful article on the topic of bereavement is written by the Reverend Jim Hobbs, M.A.  Jim is a local Anglican minister and professional counsellor, now retired.  We have worked with him many times over the years on funerals we have arranged.


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