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Informing Others

When somebody dies there are a lot of people and organisations who should be informed of the death.  

Organisations to be informed of the death:

  • Car insurance - Documentation will have to be changed as you will not be legally insured to drive if the policy is in the deceased's name.
  • Social services / district nurses - if they were providing such things as meals on wheels, home help, or who may have supplied equipment such as wheel chairs, a bed etc.
  • Hospital and / or family doctor - where the person may have been attending prior to death.
  • Employer or professional association.
  • Inland revenue.
  • Social security - A form needs to be completed to cancel any direct debit payments into a bank account.This white certificate is provided by the Registrar of Deaths.
  • Local council - Cancel any housing/rate benefits and council tax.
  • Gas, electric, water, telephone and cable & satellite companies - Cancel accounts.
  • Post office - Arrange redirection of mail.
  • Credit card and store card companies - Cancel cards and settle accounts.
  • Bank and building societies - Close accounts and amend joint accounts.
  • Investment and insurance or assurance companies - Note: Premium Bonds are not transferable.The Post office will issue you with a form to send to the bonds and stock office.
  • Store cards - Loyalty, charge and credit cards need to be cancelled.
  • Police station - If a private residence remains empty, contact the local police station so that they are aware.
  • Neighbours - so that they are aware that the house is empty.
  • Solicitor.
  • Executor.
  • Accountant.Items you may need to cancel:Milk - Newspapers - Lottery ticket - Appointments - Meals on wheelsHome help - Chiropodist - Dentist - Opticians - Hairdresser - Gardener Items to be returned:
  • Passport - To The Passport Office, UK Passport Agency, 5th Floor, India Building, Water Street, Liverpool.
  • Driving License - To D.V.L.A., Swansea SA99 1AB.
  • Vehicle registration documents - To change ownership.
  • Car insurance - To change Policy Holder's name or a refund.
  • Television license - To change name or obtain a refund.
  • Season tickets and club membership.
  • Library books and cards.
  • National insurance papers.