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Other Services

We offer support and work with local partners to provide other services including horse-drawn funerals, flowers, music, printing and catering.


For many years we have worked closely with our local florists, La Collina Gardens, of Norman Road, St Leonards and St Leonards Road, Bexhill.

We are happy to recommend them if you need to order funeral flowers. Their two shops are close to our offices in St Leonards and Bexhill, or you can visit their website: www.lacollinagardens.co.uk

funeral flowers


If you wish to have a wake or a reception after the funeral there are several local options depending on your requirements, including pubs, hotels and other venues. Alternatively it is possible to ask caterers to come to your own home. We are happy to suggest possibilities to you and can make the necessary arrangements for you if you wish.

catering for wake, funerals

Horse-drawn Funerals

For the ultimate send-off in style we can provide a traditional Victorian glass-sided hearse drawn by a team of Belgian Black horses or white horses. We work with carriage masters such as T. Cribb & Sons of London and The Brunswick Carriage Company from Southampton. It is possible to have the hearse pulled by just a pair of horses but, if the funeral is in Hastings which is a very hilly town, we normally recommend using a team of four horses.

horse drawn funeral hastings east sussex


We are often asked to produce printed orders of service for funerals and memorial services.  They provide a running order for the congregation to follow and usually include the wording of any hymns.  They also make a lovely memento of the occasion for those who attend and can be sent as a gift to anyone unable to be there on the day.

We are very experienced in the design of these leaflets and, in conjunction with our friends at Fastprint & Design in Gensing Road, St Leonards, can provide a very high quality product. We can incorporate photos and images and can scan and digitally enhance or alter any image as required.

Prices depend on the number of booklets to be printed, the number of pages in the booklet and whether they are to be in mono or colour. We can provide a quote on request.

We can also supply other printed material like intimation cards (which you send out to advise people of a death and of the funeral arrangements) and prayer cards.

funeral printing, order of service


Nearly all funeral services include music and it is so important to get the right choice.  Click here to read an article written by local organist Valerie Gibbs on the importance of music in a funeral service.

Click here for music suggestions

organ music for funerals