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Information we are required to display by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

We are legally required by the CMA to show certain information about our prices, our business terms, who owns the company and information on the fees charged by local crematoria.

The pricing format the CMA requires is slightly different from the fully itemised way we have always shown our fees on our website and our price lists. Nevertheless, we are obliged to show them in this format and we very much agree with having a standard format to make it easier to compare different firms’ prices. It is just a shame the CMA format is more confusing than it needed to be.

Feel free to make use of either the CMA’s Standardised Price List or the information on the Our Fees page, whichever you feel is more helpful. The figures for either format all add up to the same totals anyway. If any of this is confusing please do contact us – we are here to help.

Finally, you may notice on the CMA’s Standardised Price List that we have shown a charge of £1 for visits to the chapel of rest within office hours. It has never been our practice to charge any fee for you to come and see your loved one within office hours but the CMA insists that a charge is shown for every item. Hence the nominal fee.

Click here to see our fees in the CMA’s Standardised Price List format

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Click here to see our statement about disclosure of interests, specifically:

Who the owners of Arthur C. Towner Ltd are
Business or material financial interest in a price comparison website
Register of charitable donations to third parties connected to the funeral sector

Click here to see the prices charged by the local crematorium