The Benefits of Funeral Live Streaming

Are you organising a ceremony and wondering whether to arrange funeral live streaming? Do you know that a live stream funeral has multiple benefits for lower cost, accessibility & sustainability?

During the pandemic, we saw an upsurge in the demand for funeral live streaming, highlighting many advantages that can now continue whilst arranging a funeral for a loved one. Read on to understand more about funeral live streaming and why it is beneficial for ceremonies.

What is a Funeral Live Streaming?

Funeral live streaming is when a ceremony is broadcasted via video onto an online platform so that people can watch the funeral service from any location. When COVID prevented people from attending funerals in person, the need for funeral live streaming rose. That way friends and family members could take part in the process of honouring their loved ones from afar.

Although this process of not being able to attend funerals in person was difficult for some, it also highlighted that there are some gains to be made, including increased accessibility, sustainability, and reduced costs of funeral services.

How Does Funeral Live Streaming Work?

You can use public platforms such as Facebook and YouTube for funeral live streaming, although consider that these may not be private and secure. Alternatively, you can use professional live streaming platforms that can only be accessed by invited funeral guests. An advantage of live streaming funerals is that they can be recorded for later use so that anyone unavailable at the time of the ceremony can watch it back in the future.

Many crematoria and funeral homes now have in-built systems for live streaming. In the local area of Hastings, we use a company called Wesley Media. The same organisation also provides us with music for our ceremonies at Towner's funeral directors.

funeral live streaming for accessibility

The Sustainability of Funeral Live Streaming

Sustainability is an important area of work for most industries nowadays. Rules and regulations are increasing within the funeral industry which is great to see. Our belief system at Towners is to be forward-thinking in this area and to continue to improve our sustainable funeral options, even before regulations are in place.

Many of the carbon emissions generated from funerals result from guests travelling to and from the ceremony. Therefore, funeral live streaming can be a great opportunity for a green funeral option. If you are arranging a funeral service, then discuss this idea with your friends and family so they can make the most informed decision.

The Accessibility of Funeral Live Streaming

A wonderful aspect of funeral live streaming is that it improves accessibility for people who would otherwise struggle to attend a funeral in person. It means that international guests can participate and there is no need for them to travel long distances, which could substantially impact the environment and overall cost of a ceremony. Additionally, anyone with a physical or mental disability who may find an in-person funeral difficult can engage with the service from the comfort of their home. Furthermore, if someone would appreciate attending a funeral online, maybe due to overwhelming grief or family difficulties, this could be an accessible option for them.

reduce funeral costs with live streaming

The Cost of Livestream Funeral Services

Another advantage of live funeral streaming is the overall reduced cost. If someone can attend a funeral service remotely, they no longer need to be included in the cost of travel or food and refreshments. With the current increase in the cost of living, both the funeral service customer and their guest list may welcome the reduced pressure of the expense of attendance.


If you are planning a funeral and would like to discuss the option of funeral live streaming, Towners are available to discuss the process and any queries you may have. Please feel very welcome to contact us by telephone one 01424 436 386 or via email at

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