Our Guide to a Funeral for a Friend

Are you arranging a funeral for a friend? Have you been asked to speak or read a poem at a friend’s funeral? What are the best funeral songs for a friend?

Arranging or speaking at a funeral of a close or dear friend is a great honour but can be a daunting prospect. Our Guide to a Funeral for a Friend will take you through some of the special things that you can do to say goodbye to a friend.

Funeral Services for a Friend

Whilst it may be common for the family to organise a funeral, if a friend has no family, you may have been asked by the deceased to help with their funeral. Whatever the circumstances, a funeral service can be traditional or something different and more diverse. You can find some ideas for unique funeral services here, from a woodland burial to a themed funeral.

A Tribute or Eulogy for a Friend

A eulogy is a speech or written text that praises a loved one or friend that has died. It offers the opportunity to pay tribute and reflect on their life and achievements. This also gives the occasion to say goodbye and start to find some closure.

A tribute or eulogy can bring both peace and happiness to the family of a loved one. Hearing how friends felt and listening to shared memories is heart-warming and a positive part of many funeral services.

funeral for a friend sharing memories

What to Say in a Funeral Speech

Finding the right words to say at a funeral for a friend can be an emotional and difficult task. A funeral speech doesn’t have to be sad or mournful, but you should take into consideration the audience and what they would like to hear about this person.

You can talk about what made your friend special, their irreplaceable personality, or funny traits. Sharing a particular memory unique to your friendship or even a humorous story is welcomed and can bring a smile to the mourners. Adding a quote from their favourite book, movie, or song is a caring way to honour their interests and character.

Funeral Poems for a Friend

If you don’t wish to write a speech or find it too hard, finding a poem to read at a funeral for a friend is a touching tribute. An online search or a book of poems will unveil many poems that are traditional for funerals, although you can also read a poem which is more personalised or find funny funeral poems for a friend.
Whether you are reading a poem, eulogy, or a goodbye funeral speech for a friend, speaking at a funeral can be an unnerving task and extremely emotional. Take your time, be composed, but remember it’s okay to show your emotions.

Funeral Songs for a Friend

The best funeral songs for a friend are those that your friend loved or would appreciate the most. Choosing a favourite hymn, pop or rock anthem is a personal choice and is about celebrating their life and loves. If your friend has requested something more alternative to be played at their funeral, you can always announce that the song choice was theirs before playing, to avoid any confusion.

What to Write on Funeral Flowers for a Friend

Writing funeral flower messages can be simple and short such as, “Always in our hearts”, “Sleep peacefully”, or “Treasured memories”. You can also write a longer message, more personalised to your friend or something that only the two of you would understand.

funeral poem for a friend

The death of a friend, whatever their age, can be hard, we have some tips on dealing with Grief After Losing Someone You Love here which may be of help.

At Towners, our empathic team are here to talk you through any aspects of arranging a funeral for a friend or relative. Please contact us by calling 01424 436 386 or email info@towners.co.uk

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