Sustainable Ideas for Unusual Funeral Flowers

Are you hoping to pull together a beautiful, unusual flower arrangement for a funeral? Have you considered sustainable options to ensure your plans are not only stunning but also eco-friendly?

There is so much to contemplate when planning a funeral and we are passionate about making the process as peaceful as possible. As eco-conscious funeral directors, we have gathered our top sustainable ideas for unusual funeral flower options.

Why go sustainable when choosing unusual funeral flowers?

Traditionally, funerals include a large array of cut flowers to celebrate someone’s life. It is important to consider that conventional cut flower production can generate as high as 3kg CO2e per flower. As undertakers, we want to promote opportunities to support the environment whilst also arranging meaningful funeral ceremonies. Choosing unusual funeral flowers and sustainable options as part of a green funeral plan can be a wonderful way to have a positive impact on the world around us.

Our Top Sustainable Ideas for Unusual Funeral Flowers

Some of our sustainable suggestions for unusual funeral flower options would be:

· Native and seasonal arrangements

· Dried flower bouquets

· Living moss wreaths

· Potted flowers and small trees

· Biodegradable faux flowers


1. Go Native and Seasonal for Eco-Friendly Unusual Funeral Flowers

If you choose native and seasonal options, you will reduce the distance that your funeral flowers need to travel. Flower production can generate a high level of greenhouse gases so try to choose funeral flowers that are in season and native to the UK. Wildflower alternatives can include bluebells, foxgloves and snowdrops. The UK is able to produce beautiful options for unusual funeral flowers throughout the year, such as roses, lavender and dahlias.

2. Dried Flower Bouquets Last Longer

Dried flowers can be an eco-friendly choice to make up an unusual funeral flower bouquet. As well as being a sustainable option, they will last much longer so that people can hold on to them and remember their loved ones. Flowers that dry well include seed heads, ornamental grasses, rosebuds and eucalyptus. There are some meaningful ideas on how to incorporate your dried flowers into decorative objects such as photo frames and candles. This could be an additional way to honour your loved one’s life and share a sentimental moment with your friends and family members.

dried funeral flower ideas

3. Living Moss Wreaths as an Alternative Funeral Option

As part of an alternative funeral plan, you could choose to have a living moss wreath to honour your loved one. Living wreaths are typically made with a base of sphagnum moss, then planted with succulents and low-growing plants and flowers. If sufficiently cared for, a living moss wreath could last for months or even years to come. This could be an alternative way to honour the person who has passed, whilst keeping their moss wreath alive and blooming.

4. Potted Flowers Small Trees for Unusual Funeral Flowers

If you choose potted flowers and small trees for a funeral, they can be kept or planted out once the ceremony has passed. You could gift them to friends and family members as a way to remember the person who has departed. Some options for unusual funeral flowers that are potted include peace lilies, orchids & rose bushes. Small trees could be planted out and will live on to grow as a place to visit and remember your loved one. These could include oak, magnolia or blossom trees.

potted flowers for funeral ideas

5. Biodegradable Faux Flowers for Funerals

In recent years, there have been substantial developments in the aesthetic of faux flowers for funerals. There are now multiple options to create a beautiful unusual funeral flower display using eco-friendly artificial alternatives. As faux flowers don’t have a shelf life, they are a great sustainable option for funerals. They do not require chemicals or pesticides to be produced and there is no need for them to travel long distances. As they can last a lifetime, they can also be shared out amongst funeral guests and family members.


Towners are passionate about offering sustainable funeral options for a greener future together. If you would like to know more about the green funeral options we have on offer, please feel welcome to contact us by calling 01424 436 386 or email at Our friendly, forward-thinking team will be happy to discuss any unique, eco-friendly ideas you have as part of a funeral plan.

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