Unique Ideas for a Funeral Service

Would you like to give your loved one an eco-friendly funeral? Are you looking for unique ideas for a funeral service? What’s a themed funeral service?

From a woodland burial to wearing bright colours at a funeral service, here are some individual thoughts and ideas for funerals.

What is a Unique Funeral Service?

While traditional funerals still very much have their place, funeral services today can be different, diverse, and sometimes just out of the ordinary.

In life, we are all different, and celebrating those differences with a unique funeral service should be admired and embraced.

We’ve received many requests over the years, some more unusual than others. As funeral directors, part of our role is to guide you as to what to do when someone dies, and this includes helping to carry out the wishes of the family of the deceased to ensure they have the funeral service they want.

Here are some unique ideas for a funeral service, that you may consider, but if you’ve got ideas of your own, please talk to us, we’ll be happy to assist.

unique funeral service ideas

Green Funeral Service Ideas

A green funeral, also known as a natural burial is a popular alternative funeral for many people. Woodland burials are an environmentally friendly way to be buried and are more simplistic. They remain as natural as possible in every respect, for example with only bio-degradable coffins allowed.

We think it is important to highlight that for a funeral service to be truly green, the level of petrol-fuelled travel needs to be reduced as much as possible. If you plan a natural burial with a large number of guests travelling by car, this can actually have a negative impact on the environment, as natural & woodland funerals are often in remote locations. Studies have shown that direct cremations can potentially be more eco-friendly, as discussed in our recent podcast with Golden Charter.

Eco-Friendly Funeral Service Options

Making a funeral service eco-friendly is an important aspect for many families today. There are several ways to put your concern for the environment into practice and have an eco-friendly funeral service.

A plain cardboard coffin is not only ecologically-sound, being 100% biodegradable, but is also an inexpensive option. Other environmentally friendly coffins include Bamboo, Willow and Pandan Eco Coffins.

Choosing unusual funeral flowers and sustainable options is a wonderful way to have a positive impact on the environment. Dried flower bouquets, living moss wreaths, potted flowers and small trees, and even biodegradable faux flowers are all positive options.

Themed Funeral Services

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to saying farewell to your loved one. A themed funeral is a more personalised occasion, usually chosen by the deceased to reflect themselves. They can be respectable and fun, for example choosing team colours for a footy mad football fan or indeed themed around any personal passion or special achievement.

brighten a funeral service

Add Some Colour to a Funeral Service

A funeral service doesn’t have to be a sombre occasion, adding personal touches to brighten a funeral can be a respectful and fitting goodbye. Asking people to wear the favourite colour of your loved one, can uplift the day, or request they just wear anything but black.

How About a Memorial Book?

Asking friends and family to write a fun or special memory in a book is a lovely way to record unique memories. This can become a treasured family keepsake and something to look back on in years to come.

Other Funeral Service Ideas

When someone dies and you begin to arrange the funeral, it doesn’t have to conform to the traditional idea of a funeral service. Releasing balloons, playing pop songs, including pets, handing out seeds or planting a memorial tree are all special ideas for a funeral service to make it memorable, personalised, and a happy celebration of your loved one’s life.

Our friendly, forward-thinking team will be happy to discuss any unique and eco-friendly ideas you have. At Towners, we are passionate about offering sustainable funeral options, please feel welcome to contact us by calling 01424 436 386 or email us at info@towners.co.uk.

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