Self-Care Tips for Grief After Losing Someone You Love

Are you hoping to build some resilience and well-being after losing someone you love? Have you been struggling to lift your spirits during the grief process?

It is important to remember that you are never alone and that there are multiple actions you can take to develop a self-care plan for bereavement. We have compiled our top 5 ideas for self-care and we hope that they can offer you some comfort and build your strength.

Why does self-care matter after losing someone you love?

After losing someone you love, there are often so many things to consider. From funeral arrangements to supporting family members, we often overlook our essential need to take care of ourselves. Carving out time for self-care during bereavement will develop resilience and inspire new ways to honour your loved one.

Ways to lift your spirits after losing someone you love:

With 84% of the UK saying we need to focus more on self-care, it can impact all areas of our life when we make the choice to focus on our wellbeing after loss. Whether it’s exercise or expression, you can find activities to establish a self-care plan after losing someone you love.


1. Build a self-care hamper after losing someone you love

Everyone deserves to take care of themselves after losing someone. Think of all your favourite pampering products and place them in a hamper or box to comfort yourself when you’re needing to lift your spirits. Some of our favourite self-care hamper suggestions are:

• Essential oils and scents to lift your spirits
• Luxurious bath bombs and bubble bath
• Your favourite sweet treat or chocolate bar
• An uplifting book of poems and quotes
• Delicious tea or coffee blend

You could include some photos and sentimental objects that remind you of your loved one. Choose things that make you smile, lift your spirits and ground you in love and appreciation.

2. Start a self-care journal after losing someone you love

It can feel overwhelming to express yourself after losing someone you love. You may worry that the feelings will be too much. But if you can find ways to release some of your feelings of love and sadness, you may find that some of that weight will lift. Journaling can be such an effective way to benefit your mental health and express your grief. You can say whatever you need to say with no judgement, and it can often help you to process some of the more complex feelings. Remember, however you feel is OK and although grief comes in waves, there is always hope on the horizon.

Journal activity: Start with 5 minutes of journaling a day. Write a letter to your loved one and then write what you think their response would be.

3. Remember to reach out after losing someone you love

You are not alone and there is support after losing someone you love. Difficult feelings may arise but remember to reach out for help from your friends or family members. Self-care may include talking through some of your complex emotions or it may be engaging in an activity that feels uplifting and comforting. If you are struggling to speak with your family or friends, we have some helpful information about bereavement support services across the UK.

losing someone you love

4. Exercise as a form of self-care after losing someone you love

Whether it is taking a walk in nature or setting yourself a workout challenge, exercise can be an impactful aspect of any self-care plan after losing someone you love. There are plenty of short-term effects of exercise that benefit your mental health and wellbeing. These can include more energy, greater mental alertness, a release of happy hormones and engaging a positive mental attitude. Grief can pull you out of your normal routine so try and carve out some time to move your body and support structure in your day.

5. Plan out a self-care calendar after losing someone you love

During the grief process, pencil in some enjoyable activities to look forward to as part of a self-care calendar. Book a nice massage or schedule a special trip and ensure your calendar highlights these self-care activities so they hold your focus. You may find some uplifting, alternative ways to honour the person you have lost such as visiting their favourite places or ticking something off their bucket list. There are often many stressful plans and processes after losing someone you love, so ensure some of your time is filled with wholesome hobbies to maintain your wellbeing and mental health.

Additional Resources After Losing Someone You Love

As a small, family-owned business, Towners believe in the importance of togetherness and support after losing someone you love. We have compiled some additional resources for dealing with bereavement and our empathic team would be very happy to talk you through any aspects of arranging a funeral for your loved one. Wherever possible, we will work to ensure that any funeral planning process is as stress-free as it can be. We are dedicated to offering our personal attention and time so that together, we can organise the most meaningful send-off for your loved one. Contact us by calling 01424 436 386 or email at

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