What We Hope to Offer in Our New Blog as Local Funeral Directors

We are launching our blog to offer information and resources as experienced, local funeral directors. From planning a funeral to understanding grief, we hope to support our community by starting meaningful conversations about funeral arrangements, death, and the process of honouring life.

Information Resources from Your Local Funeral Directors

We are family-run funeral directors that continue to do the work that our ancestor Frederick Towner started in 1875. We treat each funeral as a unique and bespoke ceremony and over the years we have supported many families to honour their loved ones in a meaningful way. When planning a funeral, we have a deep understanding of all the questions and queries that often crop up. We also want to support families to develop their individual funeral plans and will try our best to cater to any requests.

We are Both Traditional and Forward-thinking Local Funeral Directors

Towners will be happy to discuss and offer resources on any topic related to funeral planning and understanding death and bereavement. We are committed to supporting people from all backgrounds and belief systems to understand the finer details of organising a funeral. At Towners, no question or query is off-limits about the end-of-life process. We’ve seen and heard a lot over the years so your experience will always be valid to us and received with empathy.

What would you like to know about from your local funeral directors?

We would love to hear from you with any suggestions about topics we can cover in our blog. Our empathic and knowledgeable team are passionate about developing information and resources so you and your family can be profoundly prepared for planning a funeral and managing grief. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest news and feel welcome to give us a call on 01424 436 386 or email at info@towners.co.uk with any resources you would like to see.

Our blog aims to inform people about the different funeral options available, as well as providing support for those affected by grief.

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