From a Woodland Tree Burial to Biodegradable Urns: Why Green Funerals and Cremations are the Future

Are you considering some sustainable options for end-of-life planning? Would you like to understand the ways a funeral can be greener, such as a tree burial?

At Towners, we are committed to expanding our eco-friendly options for alternative funerals. An ever more popular choice is to have a tree burial in a natural woodland area. You can also decide to have a biodegradable urn as part of a cremation service. There are multiple adjustments that can be made to make any ceremony more sustainable, and we are always happy to hear any ideas or queries that you have.

What is a Tree Burial?

A tree burial is a funeral service performed in a woodland native to the local area. A loved one can be laid to rest amongst ancient trees and forest flowers. The coffin chosen is often simple and can be made from bamboo or willow, with multiple sustainable options available. It is a special way to reconnect with nature in the afterlife and re-join the ecosystem to live on forever in amongst the trees and flowers.

What Options are There for a Biodegradable Urn?

There are numerous options for biodegradable urns nowadays. One option is to choose a scatter tube that is made from cardboard and can be recycled after use. Our suppliers offer a wide array of designs and scatter tubes can also be a great cost-effective choice.

Eco Funeral Caskets Coffins

Eco funeral caskets and coffins are made from natural materials such as bamboo, willow cardboard, and pandan. These materials are biodegradable and have minimal impact on our environment. Eco caskets and coffins are built to be strong and can carry up to 23 stone.

Are Woodland Funeral Flowers Sustainable?

Native and woodland funeral flowers can be a wonderful eco option for any ceremony. There are multiple beautiful and meaningful choices for sustainable funeral flowers including seasonal, potted and dried arrangements.

Finding Woodland Burial Sites Near You

Across East Sussex, Towners use the natural burial area at Hastings Borough Cemetery for green woodland tree burials. There is also a national directory for green burial sites across the UK.


We are committed to developing our reputation as trusted suppliers of greener funeral options. If you would like to discuss any eco funeral ideas with us, we would be very happy to hear from you by telephone 01424 436 386 or email at Feel welcome to join us on Facebook where we will continue to post about inspiring and innovative ways to make funerals have a positive environmental impact on the world around us.

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