Lawn memorials

Lawn memorials.  A lawn memorial is an upright headstone, with or without a base.  It is generally a suitable design for churchyards and cemeteries.

A standard size stone is a headstone 27” x 21” x 3”, set on a 3” high base.  A standard monolith is 30” tall out of the ground, with extra stone set into the ground for stability.  Where local regulations allow, sizes can be changed to suit individual taste, or to fit the required wording.

Headstone with ogee top, set on a rectangular base bored twice, shown in all-polished black granite. Headstone with square top and ogee shoulders - shown in Nabresina stone

Top shapes

Central Norman arc with rounded shoulders, shown in Tropical Green granite. Arc top, shown in Karin Grey granite. Gothic arch top, shown here in Portland stone.
Gentle arc with scotia shoulders, shown in Steel Grey granite. Peon top with rounded shoulders, shown with a stepped margin in grey sandstone. Splayed corners, shown in marble.
Central Norman arc with ogee shoulders, shown in black granite. Norman arc top, shown in dark grey granite with a polished face and rustic edges. Square top with checked shoulders, shown in Balmoral Red granite.

Base designs

Rectangular base with fine rubbed top and rustic edges, shown in yellow sandstone. Base with bow front shown in Glenaby granite. The top of the base is polished and the edges sanded. 4" high base with centre splay for lettering, bored either side, shown in Tropical Green granite.

Flower containers

This design uses a wider base to make room for a stone vase. This stone has holes bored into the base.


Incorporating a carving or other ornament can be a good way to personalise a grave memorial to your loved one. It might reflect their religion, for example, or their work or interests. Please see the churchyard regulations page for information regarding ornaments.


Suitable mainly for dark granites, especially black. Etching removes the dark, polished face to reveal the grey, cut stone underneath.Etchings may be painted to enhance contrast, or to give more colour, but this paint will weather over time. Prices start from around £70 + VAT.

Relief carving

Usually made in softer stones than granite, relief carvings allow more subtlety and beauty of design.They will generally be drawn in consultation with the client, and then carved by hand. These are priced on an individual basis.

Outline designs

A simple outline design can be graceful and effective. It will usually be painted, gilded or leaded to contrast with the stone colour.

Prices start from around £30 + VAT

Price guide


Flat tablet (12" x 12")

from £468

Standard headstone and base

headstone - 27" high x 21" wide x 3" thick

base - 3" high x 24" wide x 12" deep

from £1,000

Headstone and kerb set

from £2,300


Prices are ex-VAT, but include cartage and fixing in a cemetery or churchyard within 30 miles of our workshop.

All prices are based upon an all-polished black granite memorial; other types of stone will alter the price.

Please also allow for lettering costs and any cemetery or churchyard fees payable.

Our masons will be happy to give a firm quotation when you are satisfied that the memorial design is right for your loved one.