Kerb sets

Memorials incorporating kerb sets are now usually permitted only in the traditional sections of certain cemeteries.

The space within the kerbs may be filled with earth for planting, or a concrete bed may be laid and topped with chippings of stone or coloured glass. Alternatively, it may be covered with a stone slab which can be lettered.

Here, a plain kerb set butts up to a heart-shaped headstone, with a cover slab. Shown in Blue Pearl granite. Here, a book memorial set on a base is placed on top of a kerb set to give the book more prominence. Shown in Rustenberg granite.


Glass chippings are easy to clean, and available in a variety of colours. Stone chippings are more subtle in colour and texture, but are more difficult to maintain.

Blue glass Cobalt glass Lilac glass Green glass Marble Grey granite


Posts can be incorporated at the ends of the kerbs. These posts may be bored for flower containers.Alternatively, vases may be placed within the kerbs.