What happens next?

Monumental Masonry - Information for ordering memorials.

There are various stages in creating a new memorial, and sometimes it can be a lengthy process. This page describes the procedure, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.


If possible, we recommend a visit to our workshop to discuss your requirements with our stonemasons and to see the stones for yourself. Where possible will be happy to produce computer drawings to help you in your decision. When we have finalised the design we will send you a formal, written quotation. Please note that hand-cut designs will need to be finalised after the stone arrives at our workshop.


If you are happy with the quotation you receive, we ask that you sign and return one copy to us. We normally require a deposit of one-half to confirm the order.

Cemetery or Churchyard Approval

We must gain approval from the cemetery or churchyard authority for each memorial. We will send you a form for the grave owner(s) to sign and return to us. We will then complete the form and send it on. We can only proceed when approval has been granted.

Ordering Stone

If you are commissioning a new memorial, the stone may have to be ordered. Depending on your choice of stone, it can typically take 6 to 20 weeks for it to be delivered to us.


When we have the stone, we will mark out the inscription and any carving or design. This will be done in pencil for hand-cut letters, or as a computer print-out for machine-cut letters. We will invite you to check it as changes can easily be made at this stage.


When you are wholly satisfied, we will cut the inscription. At busy times, there may be a small delay between checking the inscription and cutting it.


Once the work is complete, we will send our final account. When this has been settled, we will fix your memorial as soon as weather and ground conditions permit it to be completed safely. Fixing a memorial before the ground is fully settled will most likely result in the memorial sinking or subsiding.