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Stonemasonry Battle

We are leading providers of specialist stonemasonry in Battle, East Sussex. Towners have extensive experience when it comes to designing any memorial, gravestone, headstone, grave plaque or graveside service as part of your funeral plans.

You may have unique requirements for a memorial headstone and our talented team of stonemasons would be very happy to discuss your ideas. We can give you advice around the most appropriate solution for any gravestone design plan including the materials used, whether to include bespoke headstone engraving and lettering and the overall cost options.


Battle Churchyard and Cemetery Regulations

Many churchyards and cemeteries have regulations in place around the types of memorial stones they will allow when building monumental masonry or grave monuments.

Cemeteries are usually more accommodating than churchyards around the different options for gravestones when considering your preference for the size and design of a headstone. For further information about headstone regulations, please feel welcome to contact our experienced and knowledgeable stonemasonry team of memorial masons in Battle.

Churchyards monitored by the Church of England will have firm rules in place that govern the size of a memorial gravestone, the design of the headstone, the memorial phrasing used for lettering and the colour of any engraving.

Headstones for Graves

When deciding on the gravestone design for a lawn memorial, there are multiple options for materials to use such as slate, sandstone, granite and marble. Upright headstones can be arranged with or without a base and there are many options for the shape of the top of memorial stones for graves.


Kerbed Headstones

Another option for a memorial gravestone is to include a kerbed headstone which can be filled with plants, flowers or decorative glass and stone. There are regulations for kerbed headstones, and these are typically only approved to be arranged in the traditional sections of certain cemeteries.

Cremation Headstones

If you are looking for a smaller sized headstone or cremation stone design, our team of stonemasons have a range of choices that are appropriate for cremation memorial areas in Battle. For cremation memorials, there are several guidelines to consider due to local regulations. Smaller memorials come in a vast array of possibilities from a smooth desk vase to tailor-made structures such as heart-shaped headstones.

Gravestone Engraving Lettering

Personalise your headstone designs with heartfelt carvings and etchings for a funeral or memorial stone. Create a design or phrase to express affection for your loved one and what mattered to them most.

If you would like some guidance on pulling together the most meaningful words to honour your family member or friend, we have devised our Guide to Choosing a Memorial Inscription. We offer an extensive selection of hand-cut and machine-cut lettering for engraving a gravestone or memorial stone.


Gravestone Prices

Once you have finalised your memorial headstone plans, our stonemasonry team will be able to offer a clearly priced quote. Additional costs to consider can often be the cemetery or churchyard fees and the engraving service.

Prices for the smaller memorial headstones start from £565, and the standard headstone and base options start from £1,000. The standard material used for memorial headstones in Battle is all-polished black granite. If you request for different materials to be used, this will impact the price of your gravestone or memorial headstone.

Gravestones for Pets

If you have recently lost a beloved pet, you may be looking to memorialise them with a small plaque or grave headstone. In Battle, the team of stonemasons are also able to design pet memorials using the same high-grade polished stone that is used for our other gravestone ranges.

You can customise any pet headstone design with etchings or ceramic art photos and images. Each of our memorial gravestones for pets is resilient against all indoor and outdoor environments, they are easy to clean and a long-lasting way to remember your family pet.

Our team of knowledgeable stonemasons are on hand to talk through any questions or queries you may have about arranging a gravestone memorial in Battle. Get in touch here or contact our friendly team on 01424 436 386 or at We will be happy to discuss any requirements or ideas you may have about bespoke stonemasonry headstones.

What makes a good funeral?

Of all the decisions you have to make about the funeral, one of the most important for the success of the ceremony is 'who is going to conduct the service?' If you are, or the person who has died was, a member of a particular church family or faith group the decision will be easy - you will invite your own minister, priest, rabbi, imam etc.