Pioneering Sustainability in Funeral Services

We are proud to embody change in an industry that is all about tradition. Nowhere are we needed to bring about this change more than sustainability and the future of our planet. We aren’t shy about the reality of funerals and death, and nor are we about the environmental impacts of traditional services and methods. Cleaning chemicals, water usage, air pollution and emissions are all aspects which have shaped our drive towards more sustainable practices – beginning with our paperless services.

Paperless Transition

In a first for our region, we have committed to transitioning our operations and services into entirely paperless processes. Two of our experienced funeral directors have already made the switch, using an electronic tablet in the place of needlessly printed documents. This not only streamlines our processes and data protection, but also marks a significant reduction in paper usage.

We are proud to be one of the first independent funeral homes in the country to be striving towards paperless operation. By utilizing sustainable paper in every part of the organisation, we are making conscious choices that contribute to the preservation of our environment. This sentiment of less ‘stuff’ for the sake of the environment is one we see reflected in the practices of customers, as well. In the place of guest-donated funeral flowers, most are now choosing to kindly request that their guests instead make an equivalent donation to a chosen or pertinent charity.

Solar Panels and Sustainable Energy

Looking ahead, we are committed to furthering our sustainability efforts. Plans are in motion to install solar panels, starting with our Northridge premises, aiming for 100% sustainable energy. By embracing renewable sources, we are minimizing our ecological footprint and leading the way for others in the funeral industry. Our fleet of vehicles includes a completely sustainable electric removal van, setting the stage for direct cremations and the potential for a gradual transition to electric hearses. It is not just one commitment that we believe will make a real change to our impact, but these small innovations at every point of our business will together set us much further towards neutrality.

Green Burials and Funerals

We recognize the importance of offering eco-friendly alternatives in the options we offer, and not just behind the scenes. We've embraced green burials and funerals, with three burial sites accommodating this growing trend locally. Going green is a growingly common choice; we are glad to see a wider variety of methods being adapted for sustainability, as well as other brand new ways of treating remains being given the chance to develop and progress our industry. In our day-to-day, the popular choice of cremation is carried out with a focus on sustainability, utilizing wicker coffins to reduce waste and chemical emissions.

As we move towards the future, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainability in funeral services. Our journey towards a paperless, green, and eco-conscious operation reflects our dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and offering families meaningful choices during challenging times. We encourage all of our peers within our industry to make the same shifts and help define a new set of standards that will bring us up to date with the conversation.



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